Two six-figure freelancers give you a proven, repeatable framework to land your next client in 30 days…consistently fill your client pipeline in 90 days…and escape the vicious cycle of low-paying gigs forever.

  • Even if you’re not sure about your niche
  • Even if you’re not an “expert” authority yet
  • Even if you don’t have impressive results or numbers to show clients

There's a lot of online programs out there about how to find clients. What we discovered is that each of these programs fell into one of two camps -- either they teach you how to get clients fast (crappy clients you find through cold emailing a thousand people a day) or, the good ones teach you how to build assets that get you clients over time.  

The problem is, you need both. You’ll be spinning your wheels and hating your life forever if you only do the short-term stuff, but most of us have bills to pay today.  

That’s why the first half of the Get More Clients Masterclass focuses on Money NOW strategies (how to keep your lights on -- and your sanity-- when things are tight)...  

...and the second half of the Masterclass focuses on Money LATER (how to build a sustainable forward-looking business where your ideal clients come to you).  

  • Why cold outreach is generally a waste of time. Only a few do it right. Check out this line-by-line breakdown of the most effective cold email we've ever seen-- it earned a freelancer $7K within 6 hours of sending.
  • How to find which of your dream clients are hiring freelancers right now (and how to stand out from everyone else that approaches them).
  • Chris' strategy for using FB's search feature to find ideal clients. No ads, desperate posts, or DMing required.
  • How to start generating referrals today (even if you've never had a client before).
  • A strategy Abbey used at 13 years old to become an in-demand babysitter for her town's wealthiest families... and still uses today to get more referrals than any other copywriter.
  • There's no such thing as a dead lead after you use this strategy to reengage them authentically.
  • The number one untapped resource freelancers sit on for years. If you've been in business for awhile, you likely have 6-figures hiding in your sent folder.
  • How to get ROI on every event you attend (Use Abbey's audience question strategy at every live event to bring in 3-4 new clients).
  • Why "networking" almost always fails and what to do in groups instead,
  • How to build authority FAST using other people's platforms -- without coming off like a douchey internet bro.
  • What every freelancer website needs, and what you can stop wasting time on.
  • Quick & Dirty list building -- how to take little actions now that payoff big for years to come.
  • How to leverage the work of other marketers to build your own business, ethically.
  • Abbey's favorite way to get a huge ego boost, create partnerships, and generate leads all in less than 10 minutes a day.
  • How to turn one fledgling idea into 64 pieces of content and become an instant authority to your ideal client.
  • "The Hansel Effect" that turns any one into an industry leader (the best part is, no one has to read a single word or watch a single minute of your content).
  • Completely useless stuff freelancers do that doesn't get them any closer to landing clients (if you're in the process of building a "funnel," I'm talking to you).


Chris and Abbey are two successful freelancers who, like you, played the cold email, free FB group, Upwork madness until they developed a better way to find, court, and close huge clients.

Now, they each make multiple 6-figures per year and regularly land $50K+ projects and retainers. 

For the first time, they're combining forces and sharing EXACTLY what they did to create a client pipeline. And they'll work with you to create your own custom client acquistion plan.

You'll get...

  • Start-to-finish video training on the Complete Get More Clients Masterclass system $1997 VALUE
  • Get More Clients Client Acquisition Plan Workbook & 90-day planner $497 VALUE
  • Live Event Workbook featuring action items to take before, during, and after live events to land clients (this is the system Abbey used to book over $100,000 in client work from ONE event) $997 VALUE
  • 3 Monthly Coaching calls to answer questions, review your C.A.P., or discuss client issues $3600 VALUE
  • Bonus #1: Breakdown of a successful cold email campaign - Meet the woman who added $4,669 in monthly recurring revenue with her insane cold email. So Chris and Abbey interrogated her about her process and added it to our workshop $497 VALUE
  • Bonus #2: Advanced Phone Sales Training - once you get the prospect on the phone, now what? We break down our exact process for getting the yes (without discounts, "salesmanship," or gimmicks) $997 VALUE
  • BONUS #3: "How Long Actually" exclusive video training about how to deal with too many clients. includes how to estimate project scope and timeline and maximize productivity. $597 VALUE
  • BONUS #4: Client Emergency Response Toolkit -- 7 templates for difficult situations -- scope creep, clients that ghost you, firing clients, and more $297 VALUE
  • BONUS #5: 90-day Membership in the Freelance Co-op $891 VALUE

TOTAL VALUE: $10,370.00

The LIVE EVENT planner is 100 pages to get ROI from every event you attend


A few months ago, I was flying first-class to Atlanta, Georgia. One of my clients invited me and my partner, KC down for the week to observe his event, interact with his customers, and meet his team. 

This allowed us to write better copy and create marketing initiatives that were in line with both his customers... and his team’s capabilities and strengths.  

It also meant that we got a gorgeous hotel room in a great city for the week. All paid for by the client.  

Why am I telling you this?  

Because I didn’t luck into this. THIS is the kind of business I’ve wanted to build since I started freelancing -- working with clients that: 

  • Respect what I do  
  • Go above and beyond to give me everything I need, so I can do my very best work
  • Pay me well (and treat me well)  

And… when I touched down in Atlanta, I checked my phone and had the following email in my inbox:  

The above email is from someone reaching out because they read one of my blog posts -- that I published in JANUARY 2017.  

The article resonated with them and they’d like to talk about hiring me.  

Now, what does any of this have to do with you?  

I talk to freelancers every day who are scraping for jobs on job boards, fighting for $50 jobs on Upwork, or cold pitching literally hundreds of companies per week. 

That’s not a life that I want. 

And I’m not special or lucky or especially gifted. In fact, I’ve been there. I had an Upwork job so bad that I had to get a lawyer involved (for a $500 project!). I wrote cringey “special offer” posts on free Facebook boards.  

Then I decided in order to build the business I wanted, I had to find a better way. 

And it worked. I absolutely LOVE the few clients I take on each year. And there’s no shortage of them to choose from.  

My friend Chris Orzechowski is in the same boat. And the best part is, we’ve done it totally differently.  

The key is being intentional and understanding WHO you want to reach and HOW to reach them in a way that’s authentic to you.  

Chris and I are tired of fielding emails from desperate freelancers that are spinning their wheels and working their tails off only to get crap clients who don’t want to pay, take advantage of you, and are more trouble than they’re worth.  

And that's why we created this Masterclass. 



In the beginning of my freelance career, I went thru a few "phases."  

I'm sure you did as well.  

The first phase is getting over that hump of actually having someone to pay you to write for them. That was one of the coolest moments of my life.  

For me, it proved that I COULD do this and that I might even be able to make a career out of writing copy.  

At the time, this was proof to my family and my friends that I wasn't crazy... this was a viable career option.  

After the excitement of that first gig wore off, I realized that I was grossly underpaid.  

That trend seemed to continue for some time.  

I remember times when I would write a 12-page sales letter for $200.  


I could have continued down that path.  

But I wanted to get to that next level.  

I wanted BETTER clients.  

I didn't want to have to keep scrapping the bottom of the barrel... undercutting other writers just to win a gig with a shmuck client who didn't care how hard I worked on their campaign.  

What I didn't fully understand at the time was...  

What got you here... won't get you there.  

The strategies you used to get your first $300 gig probably won't get you your first $3,000 gig. And they sure as shit won't get you your first $30,000 gig, either.  

Your strategies have to change and evolve over time.  

So if you're still cold emailing all the pizza places in town, trying to convince them the value of using a unique mechanism in their marketing, when they don't even know what a copywriter is...  

Or if you're hanging around the FB job boards and you're dropping your price AGAIN just so you can win that gig...  

Or if you're tired of watching writers who you KNOW aren't as good as you get paid more and steal your clients...  

Then it's time to play a different game.  

All those "better clients" you'd love to work with aren't hanging around in those same circles.  

Abbey and I don't do any of that stuff... yet we're both booked solid.  

This is not an accident. This is not dumb luck. This is by design.  

You can get booked solid with clients who seek YOU out, not the other way around.  

Your dream clients are out there.  

So if you've been struggling in the client acquisition area...  

It's time for a new plan.  

Abbey and I have the system for you.  

When you use our client acquisition system, you'll never have to worry about getting clients ever again.  

We'll show you how to start getting BETTER clients immediately... and how to build a pipeline of people who are lined up (with money in hand) to work with you:  

​So join us inside the Get More Clients Masterclass.  



  • We're not going to have you cold email or cold call hundreds of prospects... so you won't feel like a doofus
  • We're not going to have you incessantly post "value-bombs" on your Facebook newsfeed that get 3 likes (from other copywriters) and exactly 0 clients
  • We're not going to teach you to scrape the bottom of the barrell and compete with every other shmuck freelancer out there who will write a sales page for $50 (or undercut your quote to win the gig)

We're not going to show you any of that bullshit.  

Because. That. Shit. Doesn't. Work.


  • Show you our systems for getting booked solid with awesome clients.
  • Work with you to create your OWN client acquisiton plan.
  • Give you the roadmap to landing huge gigs that's worked incredibly well for the both of us.
  • Show you how to get businesses to reach out to YOU for work... instead of the other way around.
  • Help you become an in-demand freelancer who doesn't need to throw out the "lowest quote" to win gigs.
  • And much, much more...


We created the step-by-step client acquistion plan we wish someone had given us when we started freelancing nearly a decade ago.  

There's nothing on the market like it. And because you likely want to start finding clients right away, we give you full instant access to the entire program and 30-days to try it out.  

Plus, if you are a freelancer doing between $500 and $50,000 a month in business, and you implement my strategies for 90 days, then we know you can quickly double your investment back on this course. 

Just email us within the first month and we'll refund you're money.

You can even keep the bonuses -- at our expense.