Get More Clients Workshop

Freelancers traveled from all over the country to attend this one-time masterclass…now you have full access to the hard-won secrets revealed inside…

What if you never had to ask anyone – ever again –


Get a proven, repeatable framework to land your next client in 30 days and escape the vicious cycle of low-paying, sporadic gigs forever.

Even if…


You’re not sure about your niche


You’re not an “expert” authority yet


You don’t have impressive results or numbers to show clients

(Our “Clutch Save Framework“ makes all that irrelevant in your search for high-paying, high-quality clients)

Hi, I’m Abbey Woodcock…

And in August of 2019 I set out to solve the number one problem for freelancers. Once and for all.

The whole thing started because of my custom one-of-a-kind morning alarm clock.
Each morning, I wake up to the sweet, soothing sound of my friend and fellow freelancer Chris Orzechowski’s testosterone-fueled rants.

You see, every day Chris wakes up early and walks a few blocks to the gym. On the way home, amped up about his workout and starting to kick into “work mode,” he has things to say.

I’m not sure how I became his outlet, but like clockwork each morning, I hear my phone “ding!” and roll over to play a 30-second audio message from Chris.
It usually goes something like:

“Ya know what’s irritating…”
“I have this idea…”
“WTF is the deal with…”

On one spring morning in 2019, I got the familiar ping and heard this:

“I am so sick of hearing this fucking question…”

To back up, Chris and I both have thriving communities of freelancers.

I help with the “business side” of freelancing, and Chris teaches writers and ecomm store owners how to make more money with email.

We’ve both found that every single time we ask freelancers, “What is the #1 problem we can help you solve in your business?”…

The answer is always the same.


This is Chris and I

Now neither Chris nor I ever wanted to teach how to find clients. We find the whole genre to be predatory, sleezy, and just plain ineffective.

Neither one of us had much luck using advice like “cold email this template to 1,000 people, one of them is bound to say yes!”

But the “finding client” problem was the big, disgusting, stinky elephant in both of our rooms. All because our customers, clients, and colleagues weren’t having any luck with that junk advice either.

So that spring day, we decided to put our heads together and solve this problem once and for all.

So you never have to ask anyone — ever again — how to get your next client.

Not even us.

We spent months prepping and hours on calls brain-dumping everything we knew about how to find clients. (For context, together Chris and I closed over $500,000 in client work alone in 2019).

Through those hours and pages of text, we discovered something crazy — although Chris and I had very different journeys and found clients in different ways, the framework we had each discovered was essentially identical.

Through years of experience, we each independently discovered a simple, “clutch save framework” that we could use to eliminate competition and find great clients FAST.

Chris and I each used this exact framework to land high-profile clients, like Ramit Sethi, Jeff Walker, NeuroGym, Filippo Loretti, Ryan Levesque, Mastin Kipp, and Satchel & Page.

And once we reversed engineered what we had done, we decided to teach it all…at a one-time, one-day event in Upstate NY.

We invited just 8 freelancers who traveled across the U.S. and Canada to attend.

Hi, I’m Abbey Woodcock, Founder of the Freelance Co-Op

For the past eight years, I’ve been a freelance copywriter and marketing strategist.

I’ve helped generate millions of dollars for my clients’ businesses via product launches and high-converting marketing funnels.

I’ve worked with people like Mastin Kipp, Jeff Walker, Ramit Sethi, Ryan Levesque, and many more.

A few years ago, I also founded the Freelance Co-Op, a platform where I help freelancers get access to the resources they need to build profitable businesses. Which led to me being featured in publications like Business Insider, Syracuse Woman Magazine, Forbes and more.

Hi, I’m Abbey!

I didn’t grow up in an entrepreneurial family or with any special circumstances that made me a great freelancer….

And I’m not here to brag about “pulling myself up from my bootstraps”

When I started a freelance business, there was one problem looming over my head every day: how do I get more clients?

I spent my time either scrambling to find the next gig…

Or burnt out from working a string of low-paying projects I hated.

Many of these early clients took advantage of my time, paid me just enough to cover my living expenses, and sometimes they didn’t pay me at all.

It was a nightmare.

I didn’t think I had a network of contacts to send me referrals and I was new at freelancing so didn’t have a track record of proven results from previous clients.

I had no idea what I was supposed to do and how other people had it figured out.

Freelancing Can Be A Never-Ending Catch-22 When You’re Not “Established”

Have these thoughts ever run through your mind?

“How am I supposed to land clients if I don’t have experience?”

“How am I supposed to choose a niche when I don’t know what I’m good at?”

“How am I supposed to build authority if I’m not an expert yet?”

The roadblocks never end.

I did not have answers to any of those questions when I started. But I’ll be completely upfront with you.

Having these things in place can help you to land clients, sometimes.

Niching is a smart way to position yourself. A website can help you market your services.

Portfolio samples can impress a client for sure.

The list goes on.

But there’s one problem.

I Needed To Land Clients

BEFORE I had All The “Bells & Whistles”

In Place

I knew if I could just find one strategy that worked, I could use it again and again to land clients.

So I started experimenting with the “strategies” internet marketers recommended on forums. Which led me to wasting my time on useless tactics like:


Posting messages on Facebook job boards “announcing” that I was accepting clients…


Dropping “value-bombs” on my Linked-in and Facebook news feeds…


Or scraping the bottom of Job Boards

One experience on Upwork was so bad that I had to get a lawyer involved (for a $500 project!).

Finally, I started attending live events.

This strategy worked for me because I liked meeting people face-to-face.

Which made it easier to identify what clients actually wanted from hiring a freelancer like me.

I got feedback. I started landing clients….

That’s When I Discovered A Way

To Shortcut The Process Of Getting Hired

Here’s the thing…

It’s not the individual client-getting strategy that matters.
(Maybe you prefer staying home over shaking hands with 100 people at an event.)

Making the “switch” between low-paying, terrible clients to regularly landing better clients who pay well…

Comes when you focus on the specific problems clients need to solve…And show them how you can deliver the outcomes they want.

This simple “perspective switch” changed everything for me.

Because I found a way to shortcut the process of getting hired, without having a niche, website, or a portfolio of amazing samples to show…

And I could apply this to every single outreach strategy…Live events, cold emails, job boards, networking online — you name it.

The “Clutch Save Framework”

For Landing Your Next Client

If you understand what a client actually wants…

And show them how you can deliver those outcomes…

You can shortcut your way to getting hired immediately. (Without having a niche, website, or years of proven results to show.)

I should know because despite making multiple six-figures per year for the last 5 years and working with high profile clients…I never chose a niche for myself.

And my website,, has been “under construction” for five years.

I’ve used this “Clutch Save Framework” to turn a one-off launch project with a high profile client into a six-figure retainer deal with a performance-based bonus structure.

Here’s exactly how it happened:

I identified one of my client’s courses was getting high refund rates due to poor customer on-boarding.

I showed him how he could save tens of thousands of dollars by fixing this issue and then mapped out a simple plan of how he could accomplish that by working with me.

It took him maybe 30 seconds before he said “Yes, let’s do that,” to a $100,000+ retainer deal!

This is the Clutch Save Framework in action…

And YOU can use it to accomplish the same results with your potential clients.

Imagine Having A Repeatable System

to Find The Best Possible Clients For Your Services…

Imagine clients happily depositing a hefty fee into your bank account because you knew how to speak their language…

Imagine having a plan every day when you wake up and never worrying about where the next client was coming from….

Wouldn’t it feel incredible to finally land clients consistently and charge higher fees for your work?

I’ve Teamed Up With Chris Orzechowski To Give You A “Turn-Key System” For Getting Clients Consistently

Let me introduce you to Chris.

Over the past 7 years, Chris has been working behind the scenes with e-commerce brands, helping them generate tens of millions of dollars in sales – all from email.

He’s worked with a number of well-known e-commerce brands, including Satchel & Page, Chef’d, Product Launch Formula, The Original Craft Beer Club, Flilippo Loreti, and more.

He’s also the publisher of Make It Rain Monthly, a paid subscription newsletter dedicated to helping e-commerce brands and business owners “make it rain” with email marketing.

Chris Orzechowski

In 2019, Chris And I Made $500,000+ In Revenue From Client Work Alone.

Have these thoughts ever run through your mind?

“How am I supposed to land clients if I don’t have experience?”

“How am I supposed to choose a niche when I don’t know what I’m good at?”

“How am I supposed to build authority if I’m not an expert yet?”

The roadblocks never end.

I did not have answers to any of those questions when I started. But I’ll be completely upfront with you.

Having these things in place can help you to land clients, sometimes.

Niching is a smart way to position yourself. A website can help you market your services.

Portfolio samples can impress a client for sure.

The list goes on.

But there’s one problem.

I’d Like to introduce you to…

The Get More Clients Masterclass

The Only Proven Step-By-Step Framework To Go From “No Clients” to “Fully Booked” in 90 Days Or Less

This masterclass is unlike anything you’ve seen before.

Why? Because we’ve demystified the process of landing gigs for you.

Chris and I break down every single strategy we’ve used to successfully land clients.

What does this mean for you?

It means you get a fully customized 90-day Plan to put into action…

Every single day.

No more worrying over where the next gig is coming from.

No more procrastinating because you haven’t picked the perfect niche yet.

No more chasing the next “shiny object” tactic you heard about on a podcast episode.

Here’s How It Works

We designed the Get More Clients Masterclass for you to achieve two main goals:

Land a client in the next 30 days or less. Use these strategies repeatedly to land work when you need it most.

Build systems to bring clients to YOU and continuously fill your pipeline month after month.

See, most freelancers get stuck in the “get money now” strategies. They forever swirl at the bottom searching for the next gig to pay the bills.

But we get it…

There is a time when landing gigs quickly should be your #1 goal (A.K.A when you don’t have any client work lined up!)

But to create a sustainable freelance business — one that allows you a six-figure income, awesome clients, and spare time to enjoy your lifestyle — you need to start building assets that bring clients to YOU.

If you build those assets now, you’ll eventually hit the “tipping point” when you no longer have to reach out to new clients…

Because you’ll be bringing in more leads than you can handle. And TURNING AWAY clients who aren’t the right fit.

That’s what you will be able to accomplish in this Masterclass….

It’s your 90-day plan to land your next client and build systems to bring clients to you.

And the “Clutch Save Framework is the foundation your 90-day client-getting plan will build on.

This framework will teach you the real art of getting clients fast and consistently.

You will discover…


How to diagnose problems in your client’s business


How to determine what outcomes they want most by hiring you


How to demonstrate you can win those outcomes


How to deliver a clear path for the client to reach that result…with you!


The 5-part “outcome generator tool” to follow along in the course module


A 10-minute assessment to determine what type of clients you want to land and how they fit your work style, success metrics, and more.


Your “Rules Of Engagement” with clients. The 4 criteria that must be checked off before you consider working with a client. This process will save you a lot of headaches by avoiding crappy clients who take advantage of your time and skills.

Once you’ve covered the foundational framework, you will jump into…

Part 1: “Money Now” Strategies: Get Your Next Client In 30 Days Or Less

You need a client now. Not tomorrow. Not next week.

How can you land your next client quickly? That’s exactly what we cover in this part of the masterclass.

You will discover…


How to guarantee you reach out to potential clients exactly when they want to hear from you!


The easy way to negotiate a full-time job opportunity into a retainer gig. One of Chris’s coaching students used this strategy to land a $10,000 retainer on Craigslist.


How to find which of your dream clients are hiring freelancers right now (and how to stand out from everyone else that approaches them).


The one question you must honestly ask yourself before you send a cold email to a prospective client. If the answer is “Yes”, delete the email before you embarrass yourself.


How to get in the top 10% of applicants for extremely competitive (and high paying) gigs. Chris landed his first $50,000 per year client by following this simple “rule.”


When to do “free work” to land an awesome gig. Chris and Abbey weigh-in on this hot topic and explain when it’s a good idea…and a bad idea.


How to use a little-known “relationship equation” to bring in an average of 1.13 referral leads per week over a 12 month period. It only takes 30 contacts to make it work!


Abbey’s “clean playroom” strategy that brought $100,000+ in additional revenue from a single client.


How to leverage specific “little touches” that surprise and delight your clients — and turn a one-off project into repeat work and steady referrals.

Part 2: Live Events: The Ultimate Way To Land Your Dream Clients

Early in my freelancing career, I bought a $5,000 ticket to a Live Event (which, at the time, was life-changingly expensive for me).

I had to land clients at the event and make back that investment as soon as possible.

So I developed a system that ended up closing $100,000 in new client work from that one event alone.

And I’ve used it over and over again throughout my career to land my dream clients and make connections with people who send me regular referrals.

I’ve only shared this system with my mastermind (which costs $25,000 per year to be a member) and a small group of high-level marketers.

I’m sharing my entire Live Event System with you in the Masterclass.

This is my personal effort to over-deliver for you.

This one training alone could land you clients for the rest of your career.

You will discover…


The two kinds of events you can attend as a freelancer. Most freelancers get these two categories confused and look for clients in the wrong places. I show you my specific approaches to build relationships and land potential work at both types of events.


How the ticket price matters when it comes to which events you attend (ticket price is one of the most important factors, but probably not for the reason you think)


Are you in the “fan bucket” or the “colleague bucket” in your client’s eyes? I show you a simple trick to avoid looking like a fangirl to high profile clients. PLUS – how to position yourself as an equal and potential business partner instead.


How to make sure every single person at the event — including the speakers, event hosts, and attendees — knows who you are. No, this does not include handing out business cards to hundreds of people (I don’t even use business cards!)


My sneaky strategy for recording specific (and interesting) “follow up points” for contacts I made at the event.


Why 99% of freelancers fail to get clients from live events. In my experience, doing this one simple task can separate you from everyone else and bring you profitable deals.


Where you need to spend most of your time at the event if you want to land clients. Hint: it’s not the conference room or the speaker’s table.


The easiest way to pitch your services to everyone at the event without coming across as needy. In fact, this is the only way to guarantee they’re open to hearing your pitch.

Part 3: Pipeline Systems: Bring In A Steady Flow Of Qualified Leads To Your Business

Building systems is where the real art of getting clients begins.

As Chris says in the course, “Every single problem in your freelancing business can be solved with more lead flow.”

Do you want to work with better clients? Increase your lead flow.

Do you want to increase your fees and get paid more? Increase your lead flow.

Do you want to spend less time acquiring new clients and more time doing paid projects?

You guessed it: increase your lead flow.

But how do you get clients to come to you?

Start using these pipeline strategies today:


Online networking


Answering questions & being helpful


Website & SEO


Email list building


Getting on Podcasts


Free Training


Content Creation & Distribution

You will discover


How to leverage Facebook groups and become the admins favorite person (Chris and I do this differently than most “add value!” advice tells you).


One task to do every single day for the rest of your freelancing career. If you dedicate only 20-30 minutes of your time per week to this simple task, it will create a snowball effect of good will among your peers online and automatically position you as an expert in your field.


The easiest way to identify what topics you should focus on in your articles, videos, blog posts, or any other authority content. This way you can virtually guarantee your audience will be interested in what you have to say.


The three-step process Chris uses to write every single piece of content he publishes online. It takes almost zero thought or planning, but does an incredible job of demonstrating your skills, knowledge, and expertise.


The eight go-to content formulas proven to catch attention, get shared, and build your authority as a freelancer.


Why you shouldn’t care if your published article doesn’t get any likes or shares. (Especially when you first start creating content).


How to leverage the “Hansel Effect” so you’re the most visible freelancer in your industry, niche, or specialty.

Additional Strategies & Trainings: 

Closing Clients, Lead Scoring, and Hot Seats


How to use the “The Socratic Method” to qualify clients and close deals in the most natural way possible. PLUS – how to interview your client and get the info you need to send in a persuasive proposal in 24 hours or less.


How to cut a clear path to making $100,000 per year in client projects. Chris walks you through his lead scoring process, so you can focus on the strategies that bring the most results.


Hot seat recordings of the students who attended the live workshop. Specific feedback about how to implement what you’ve learned and how to overcome common roadblocks to sticking with the 90-Day client acquisition plan.

Client Acquisition Plan Workbook: 

Your Step-By-Step Guide

The workbook is where you take everything you’ve learned in the course and filter it into a 90-day Plan for acquiring clients.

Everything that’s covered in the course has its own section in the Client Acquisition Plan Workbook. This makes it easy to record your thoughts, go through the exercises, and map out a 90-day plan that will work.

Let’s Review What You Will Receive Today 

With immediate access to the complete Get More Clients Masterclass system, you’ll get over six hours of video training, including:


The Clutch Save Framework: The Foundation Of All Your Client-Getting Strategies


“Money Now” Strategies: Get Your Next Client In 30 Days Or Less


 Live Events: The Ultimate Way To Pick Up Your Dream Clients


Pipeline Systems: Bring In A Steady Flow Of Qualified Leads To Your Business


Additional Strategies & Content: Closing Clients, Lead Scoring, and Hot Seats


Client Acquisition Plan Workbook & 90-day Planner

Eight freelancers traveled from across the U.S. and Canada to attend the workshop at the Freelance Co-Op in Oneida, New York.

When we first released this masterclass to the public, it sold for $1,997.

And in recent months, we’ve added more value. A lot more.

We want this course to be your one solution for getting clients… Meaning you can solve this problem once and for all. Right here, right now.

That’s why when you purchase the Get More Clients Masterclass today, I’ve some bonuses specifically designed to help you on your path to becoming a fully booked freelancer.


Woodcock and Chris Orzechowski ($997 VALUE)

You won’t find any “boiler-plate” phone scripts or sales techniques in this bonus module.

You get the exact processes we use — right now — to close clients. Better yet, you can apply these processes immediately to your next sales call.

You will find out…


Ask this one simple question to avoid entering a “job interview” situation and instantly take control of the conversation instead.


Why you should approach every sales call hoping the client will say, “No.” If you only use this one strategy, you will land better clients more often.


52 questions you should run through with every new client. If the client doesn’t answer the first 5 questions correctly, you know it’s not a good fit.


The quickest possible way to spot a terrible client (hint: it’s not your past work experience that matters, it’s theirs!)


When you know it’s the perfect time to ask about your client’s budget. Bring it up before you cross this milestone and you’ll give away all your leverage to secure a high fee.


How to gain control of the entire sales process before the call even starts


Plus, much more!

But that’s not all.

Maybe you’ve taken courses before, but didn’t “stick with it” long enough to see results?

That’s why I invited a special guest to train you on forming “tiny habits”…

And a complete process to producing authority content consistently.


Power Habits: How to Consistently And Effortlessly Produce Authority Content To Attract The Perfect Client. Feat. Nate Dye ($597 VALUE)

Nate Dye is a Persuasion Expert and a Tiny Habits Certified Coach.

His clients have included CopyChief, Andre Chaperon, Ryan Levesque, and many others in the internet marketing space.

In this special training, he takes you on a deep dive into habit-forming and behavior change. And helps you apply “tiny habits” to producing authority content effortlessly…

So you can attract your dream clients and build your “sphere of influence” online without second-guessing yourself.

Inside you will find out…


How you can easily become an authority on an idea, even if you didn’t invent it.


You need willpower to stick to your goals, right? Wrong! Nate shows you how to form a simple “tiny habit” that actually gets you ADDICTED to getting work done. No need for willpower when you are foaming at the mouth to get started!


The 4 key questions you must answer to create a highly valuable piece of content (I.e. content your audience will eat up, share, and put to use immediately)


How to harness the “Benjamin Franklin Effect” to fly under the radar of your inner resistance to new habits. Hint: it’s the same reason why Franklin always asked his enemies for favors…and win them over.


Your content DOES NOT need to be “epic” to add value! You don’t have to spend countless hours researching or writing a billion words. In fact, you only have to meet three simple criteria and then hit publish.


How to form a new habit by “attaching” it to an existing habit you already have — even so simple as looking at your watch or washing your hands.


Group Coaching Call Sessions ($3600 VALUE)

I charge upward of $1,200 per hour for coaching. Chris no longer offers coaching because he’s too busy with other projects these days.

But we knew you would have questions, so you’re invited to three group coaching call sessions to give extra value, feedback, and cover more strategies in depth.

A few highlights from the coaching calls…


How to turn one-off projects into multiple gigs or a retainer contract. Chris breaks down exactly what to say in a “what’s next” conversation with a client. PLUS – the one question you can ask to bring up the subject without friction or sounding needy.


The two amazing benefits to “scaring away” your client with a high price point.


How one Masterclass student turned a Facebook Group conversation into a $500 consulting call — and then upsold the same client on a $2,500 project


A 40-minute coaching session dedicated to pivoting your services and marketing during the COVID-19 pandemic (or other market downturns). Abbey gives feedback on what niches are doing well, how to change your services and offers to align with client needs at this particular time, and how you can take this time to strengthen your own business.


The one person you have to get friendly with at live events if you want a higher chance to skip the line for the microphone during the Q+A sessions


The truth about applying to jobs when you have little experience on your resume. PLUS — how to shortcut the resume pile, get past the gatekeepers, and get in touch with the decision-maker directly.


Live Event Blueprint ($997 VALUE)

This planner book follows along with the Live Event training in the Masterclass. You can take my exact blueprint to ANY live event and get return on your investment.

The Live Event Planner includes:


Record your research on the person you want to meet at the event


How you can connect with that person easily and effortlessly


Plan out what questions you will ask during the Q&A sessions


A detailed plan to follow up with contacts you made at the event


PLUS — access to my Post-Event Follow Up Spreadsheet, so you can track and score leads effectively


Client Emergency Response Toolkit 

What happens when you land the client but issues come up?

Chris and I, along with dozens of other freelancers worked together to share our scripts for the most pressing issues. And then we put them together in the “Client Emergency Response Toolkit.”

You’ll get 7 templates for difficult situations — scope creep, clients that ghost you, firing clients gently, and more.

Here Is Everything You Will Receive When You Join The Get More Clients Masterclass Today

The Clutch Save Framework: The Foundation Of All Your Client-Getting Strategies

$1997 VALUE

Get More Clients Client Acquisition Plan Workbook & 90-day planner

$497 VALUE

Live Event Workbook featuring action items to take before, during, and after live events to land clients (this is the system Abbey used to book over $100,000 in client work from ONE event)

$1997 VALUE

3 Monthly Coaching calls to answer questions, review your C.A.P., or discuss client issues

$3600 VALUE

Bonus #1: Breakdown of a successful cold email campaign – Meet the woman who added $4,669 in monthly recurring revenue with her insane cold email. So Chris and Abbey interrogated her about her process and added it to our workshop

$497 VALUE

Bonus #2: Advanced Phone Sales Training – once you get the prospect on the phone, now what? We break down our exact process for getting the yes (without discounts, “salesmanship,” or gimmicks)

$997 VALUE

BONUS #3: “How Long Actually” exclusive video training about how to deal with too many clients. includes how to estimate project scope and timeline and maximize productivity.

$597 VALUE

BONUS #4: Client Emergency Response Toolkit – 7 templates for difficult situations – scope creep, clients that ghost you, firing clients, and more

$297 VALUE

BONUS #5: 90-day Membership in the Freelance Co-op

$891 VALUE

That is a total value of $10,370.

But with today’s special offer, you won’t pay anything near that.

Listen, I know what it’s like to feel stuck in a rut.

I’ve struggled to pay my bills as a freelancer. So has Chris.

So we understand that buying a course is a “luxury” for most freelancers.

That’s why we’re lowering the price to only $997 — everything included.

And to make things even easier, we’re offering you a payment plan of $397 per month for three months (if you need the cash flow option).

That’s the best possible deal we can make today. And it’s not guaranteed to stay at this price for long.

But to further eliminate any risk for you…

Take 30-Days To Decide 

With No-Risk Whatsoever

Put this Masterclass to the test.

Go through the course modules, start your 90-day Plan, and watch all of the bonus materials…

And if for any reason — or no reason at all — you’re not interested in continuing with these client-getting strategies…

You can get 100% of your money back. No questions asked.

Simply send me or my team an email within the 30-day period…

And we will refund your purchase today in full.

So, Chris and I are taking on all of the risk by offering this guarantee.

Because we’re confident you’ll see just how life-changing the Get More Clients Masterclass can be for you.

Imagine you wake up every day and know exactly what to do to land your next client…

Imagine never having to worry about where the next gig is coming from….

Imagine having clients reach out to YOU on a weekly basis, hoping to get on your schedule next month…

What would you do with that kind of freedom?

Would you finally feel confident as a creative businessperson, knowing that you’ve solved this problem once and for all?

Good. Because you’re only a few moments away from leaping toward that reality.

You can start right now by clicking the button below.

There Are Only Two Choices 
In Front Of You Now

 You can keep doing what you’ve always done.

Maybe that’s not so bad. I’m not a mind reader, so I cannot magically see what your freelancing business looks like right now.

But if I were to take a guess (just because you’ve read this far)….

I’d say you’ve been spinning your wheels with low-paying gigs and inconsistent work.

You get a lot of work some months, and then nothing the next month.

You scramble for the next gig, saying yes to anything that comes your way because you have bills to pay.

You are a little jealous (and embarrassed) that other freelancers you know have “figured it out” while you haven’t yet.

And you know what? That’s normal.

I’ve been there. Chris has been there.

And frankly, most freelancers stay there.

But right now, unlike most freelancers, you have the second option….

 Let us show you how to get clients and solve this problem for good.

This is the moment you can finally put your worries to rest…

And put a plan of action into place.

Look, there’s no “getting around” the problem of client flow.

But once you’ve figured out how to consistently get new clients and land gigs, everything in your business changes quickly.

Suddenly, you are able to charge higher rates for your services (because demand is high and you have options now)…

You attract higher-quality clients who respect you as a professional and are happy to pay a premium for your work…

And soon you’re recognized as an authority in your space.

You have more freedom to actually enjoy working from home.

You never have to ask anyone — ever again — how to get your next client.

You’ve got it down.

Right now, you have the chance to make that happen.

I’ve offered 100% risk-free access to the Get More Clients Masterclass, plus other great bonuses.

*That means you have zero downside for giving it a try*

This could be your chance to bring your freelance business to the next level.

To Get Started,

Simply Click The Button Below.

It will take you to a page with more details about how to order and gain immediate access to the course.

Thanks for reading.

I hope to see you in the Get More Clients Masterclass in the next few minutes.


Abbey Woodcock

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